The Anxiety Series, The Real Deal

The Anxiety Series: Was it Relationship Related?

“The experience of separateness arouses anxiety; it is, indeed, the source of all anxiety.” -Erich Fromm And ain’t that the truth.  Singledom has its own web of anxieties, but when you’re in a relationship and experience distance and separateness, when things are just off, there’s another slew of anxieties that follow.  In between birth and death,…

Beauty, The Real Deal

Weekend Luck

Are you feeling lucky?  I sure as hell am.  I found out this week that my bad ass ma and I are heading to Spain this May.  I’m over-the-double-complete-rainbow-diving-in-a-pot-of-gold-with-a-leprechaun excited!  Before you Dropkick Murphy your St. Patty’s weekend into high gear, check out some of these good reads. If you’re at a career crossroads… Iceland…

The Anxiety Series, The Real Deal

The Anxiety Series: Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems

“It’s like the more money we come across, the more problems we see.” Notorious B.I.G. Well there’s that…and there’s the normal no mo’ money people struggles, like budget mismanagement, attempting to scrape by on 1/8th of a tank of gas, spending too much at Target and being so in the hole, you keep spending because…

The Real Deal, Weekend Reads

Hey Weekend

What an interesting week!  With International Women’s Day, I’ve been swirling in social media, blog posts, articles, personal stories and my own thoughts and narratives.  Talk about a pendulum of emotions!  I felt sad, empowered, depleted, elevated, frustrated, and angry this week.  I’m fully saturated in my feelings and reflections.  And I need a damn…

The Real Deal, Wellness

Wellness Month: A Wiser Early Riser

We started Wellness Month with hydration.  I was the most annoying hydrated person on the planet.  There’s nothing like being on a vacation with your family and telling your dad to pull over every 20 minutes so you can go to the bathroom.  But, my skin is looking better and I know my bod is liking…

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