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Taking a Damn Break

Yes, I’ve been occupied with figuring out this adulthood thing.  But, good-ish news!  I’ll be back next week with the regularly scheduled program. Until then, ch-check it. Reading regularly is a real thing.  I know, right? I’m a single and dating asshole.  You probably are too. Screw narcissists. You can fall in love with anyone…with…

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Oh Hello There, Weekend

This weekend is all about celebrating family for me.  The ‘rents are in town and already spoiling me to death.  And.  I.  Love.  It.  Wherever you are, let’s just choose happy this weekend, shall we?  But first, awesome internet finds just for you! I get tired of the same old quotes.  And then these come…

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The Twins’ Top Picks, Parenting Advice, and Boss Potential

Shopping for tweens sucks normally, but it’s a good thing the twins have defined their likes.  If you’re curious to what kids are up to these days, keep reading.  The twins have some surprising picks and advice. Toy: Rubik’s Cube– “It helps your brain.  You want to solve it.  I get so eager to solve it…

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The Bucket List

Bucket lists never made sense to me.  I thought of them as a catalog of the “should have’s” or the “someday lists” and unfortunately, we can’t ever plan for someday.  But just as life changes and flips upside down, so do my opinions. Case in point…my best friend Emily tragically passed away at the age of…

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