The Real Deal

Manifest(o): It’s Time for Your Personal Vision Statement

In the debut episode of Insecure, Issa’s life comes to a head in the wake of her birthday.  Birthdays do that.  And Monday mornings.  Although you won’t find me rapping on stage at an open-mic night like the heroine herself, I’ve been challenged as of late to shake life up a little.  I challenge you…

The Real Deal

Taking a Damn Break

Yes, I’ve been occupied with figuring out this adulthood thing.  But, good-ish news!  I’ll be back next week with the regularly scheduled program. Until then, ch-check it. Reading regularly is a real thing.  I know, right? I’m a single and dating asshole.  You probably are too. Screw narcissists. You can fall in love with anyone…with…

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